Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ten things I'm totally loving right now

I wouldn't really classify myself a list maker but once in a while I do indulge in the practice. Today is one of those days. I am loving:-

* My house and filling it up with stuff!! Its so much fun to fill mine and Dennis's abode with love and things and cozy it up. Totally enjoying it.

*counting down the days till I meet my little 'Temo. I really cannot wait to kiss him and tell him how much I love him!!

*a clean kitchen. Its just nicer to cook in.

*seeing Dennis after a long day. Gosh such a good feeling.

* the rocks that Claire brought for me from the Red Sea. Loving them! I also loove the scarf (thanks Claire, you're awesome!)

*The stuff I got for little 'Temo when I went baby shopping. so adorable, I could cry :-) ;-)

*having guys over at my house! (MY house!! unbelievable! we grow up so fast)

*my non stick pan. It makes cooking so much fun

*For colored girls. The movie.

*the islamic call for prayer, I'm hearing outside my window right now. I actually enjoy listening to it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Losing myself..

The other night I was up at 3 AM, bonding with my son. That's what I do when the insomnia kicks in. I talk to him & I relish in being the only one who he knows yet. I thought about married life. Do I really want it. I mean, ofcourse I do, but I also want to hang on to being my parents' daughter. Memories came flooding in, time really does fly. Just the other day I was 7 years old, sitting on my dad's lap. Now I'm 7 months pregnant with my first son! How did that happen? Actually when is the question. Anyway, I sat there and wept at losing my childhood. here is a short list of some of the things I will miss about living under my parents' home.

*Coming home to mum after a long day of school and later work.
*Watching mum wear her make up (To me, you are and will always be the most beautiful woman on earth mum)
*When dad came from his trips and brought us (read, me :-) goodies. (That was fun!)
*The cosiness and comfort of home. The smell of chapos, 4 O'clock tea, good food
*Gossiping with mum.