Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Being afraid

Fear is such a strange thing. It can suck you up into dark, small spaces  it can bite you with deadly,  venomous fangs, leaving you completely immobile or dead. Dead to to the life that is around you and the blessings in your life.
I have been feeling afraid a lot lately about so many things. As I type this, I am afraid that if I share some of those things in this platform then you will know the real me and you won't like me or respect me or envy admire me. I will not share those things here today even though I think I might connect with someone out here better by being completely honest. Please allow me to save that for another day.
Meanwhile, join me in facing a fear of yours today. I know it will fade away once you and I stand up to it. And most importantly I know that we are not alone.

Isaiah 41:10

Monday, February 11, 2013

Anyone but Uhuru and Ruto

I used to have a full night of sleep..but not anymore. These days am kept up by so many factors. For starters, let's talk politics. even though am greatly disillusioned by the turn Kenyan politics has taken, I have to participate in it. I have to confessthat I've spent the last 5 years feeling cheated and vowing to not take part in the politics of this nation. That's because, call me naive, I actually believed in those manifestos. I believed I was voting in for development and jobs and less corruption and good governance. But wapi? You know how it goes.
But now something peculiar has been happening in me. I now feel this nudging to do something, not only for myself and my love for this country, but also for the sake of my sons. They have no other home, us parents we owe it to our children to leave a better world than we found it. To give them a better life.
And so come March 4th, you'll find me on the line, somewhere in Kiambu County voting for anyone but Uhuruto! And I suggest you all do the same.