Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Living life!

Well..this is my first blog so I don't exactly know what to say. I think I'll just type what's on my mind and edit it later when I'm an experienced blogger and I look back and wonder what on earth I was typing!
This is my final semester in campus. I'm excited. I thought I was glad to finally be over with the long nights and boring afternoon classes. But I think I'm freaking out just a tad. I know everyone gets by somehow and things always fall into place BUT...It's a tough time to be me and to be unemployed...I am a christian. But my relationship with God has not exactly been rosy..infact right now we're (God and I) not in speaking terms. It's mostly my fault but I'm not really doing anything to fix it. I think I want to just be here for a while to sort of figure out things. As absurd as that sounds.
Anyway..if there's anyone out there, who's having abit of a rough time getting life to steady always here to listen and to share my experiences with you.
More about me soon...Bye!

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