Friday, September 10, 2010

Being pregnant and such like things...

This will be the first forum in which I announce to the world what many have already been speculating about. And to borrow Ellen Degeneres's catchy coming out title, Yep, I'm Preggers! I'm exactly 4 months pregnant and the experience has just been amazing. In fact it's been so life changing that I wouldn't be doing anyone any justice by trying to explain what it feels like. But I will attempt to share some of my insights. Hmmm, where do I start? Well, right now I'm experiencing what experts call 'quickening' which is basically the initial baby movements and as you can guess it is beyond exciting.

To know that this baby is alive & kicking & responding to me is just overwhelming. Nothing could be more real and intense than carrying the baby of the man you love. It is the deepest, most beautiful part of our love & seeing Dennis transition into the role of a father is simply divine. I'm glad to be experiencing this with you babe.

Funny thing about being pregnant though is the pregnancy books. I don't know who writes them but that's definetely a post for another day.

Meanwhile keep happy & pray for my little one. I love him/her to bits already & am looking forward to sharing more on this exciting journey of mine.


  1. This is the third time I am making to post a reply to your post announcing the exciting news of your pregnancy. After I writr and hit the POST COMMENT key, the text vanishes but there is no post. I think I will just post this for now and see what will happen, otherwise it seems I have some learning about blogging. Funny cause the first comment post on your E watching went well.

  2. I was delighted and envious on reading about your pregnancy. Yes, envious because as a man its been denied me the divine commission to carry another human inside of me. God and nature decided that should be the lot, of you women. Ok there. I have said it. How crazy. A man who would like to experience the wonder of pregnancy!
    Now its your chance to do what your parents did and what tread the path their parents before them trod. You, no doubt, will desire that the son or daughter you now carry inside your womb will continue the extraordinary journey for the survival of our race, the human race.
    I remember when I held my infant son when he was born. The great wonder of taking on the responsibility of looking after the tiny little human person. No one can describe it, as you and Dennis will find out, each individually and together as parents, the what it means. Enjoy.

  3. Thank you Kibe.Pregnancy has been such a wondrous event for me and I honestly cannot even say hwo much it has changed my view of the world. I am due any day now and looking forwad to the experience of life moving through me and into this world. The thought is simply mind blowing.
    The huge responsibility of taking in a new life is a bit intimidating, I have to admit, yet thrilling. It is such an honour.

    And pregnancy is not entirely a female affair. You too are actively involved in this most delicate process. When you connect with the mother and are one with her (mind, body, spirit)during this time, I believe you are inevitably connected to the little one.

    Thank you also for commenting on this and other posts. Your thoughts and well wishes are much appreciated.