Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why I don't write

Today I got home resolved to write something. I read on Don Miller's blog that every writer at the end of the day knows that they must devote time to write. It may not be easy or fun but it must be done. And it got me thinking that I should put time aside everyday for that cause. So I throw my self on my bed immediately I come from work and fight the urge to reach for the remote and turn to E! (for the latest scoop on Brad and Angelina's marriage). I lie there facing my bedside clock...'just 5 minutes and I'm heading to my working desk' I think. 5 minutes come and go and still no movement. I'm always more relaxed after a dinner and a shower anyway, I argue with the more practical side of me.
When 10 O'clock reaches I get the courage to admit to myself that another day has come and gone without having written a piece, a poem, anything!. I suffer in the arms of self induced abhorrence for a few minutes, I enter my bed and finally mutter under my breath, the mother of all cliches 'Tomorrow is another day'.


  1. Next time you take the remote, go to Travel. It's a whole more interesting, I think, than the goings on of the Karadashans. I know about that eclectic family because my daughter, who is your namesake, is more likely to be watching E than anything else.

  2. First of all, I am amazed to even find a comment here (true story!). Secondly, I am ashamed to admit that I actually follow that wretched show about the Kardashians! But in my defense, I've really reduced the hours I spend watching telly. But I hear you. I'll give travel a try.